Short stay visa (Schengen visa)

Has your short stay visa application been rejected for you, a family member, or a business partner? Unfortunately this is not exceptional. Many applications for a Schengen visa get rejected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ahladvocaten’s immigration specialists have years of experience successfully litigating against the rejection of a Schengen visa. We can help you so that you may still be granted a Schengen visa. We can also take care of the application procedure for a Schengen visa for your family member, business partner, or employee.

In many cases aliens looking to travel to the Netherlands for a short stay (maximum 90 days) with the purpose of holiday, family visit, business, or work, need to apply for a Schengen visa. Citizens from another EU Member State, as well as Americans, Canadians, Australians, and a couple of other nationalities do not require a Schengen visa. Note that in order to be allowed to work during your stay based on a Schengen visa , a work permit (TWV) is required.

Nowadays it is difficult to obtain a Schengen visa. The purpose for travelling has to be well-founded, and there should be no risk of illegal permanent settlement in the Netherlands (settlement risk). Therefore, many applications for a Schengen visa get rejected. It is advisable to obtain legal advice from the immigration attorneys of ahladvocaten before a Schengen visa application is filed. If you have any questions about the application for a Schengen visa or if the application has been rejected, please contact us.