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Are you looking for a lawyer who is able to concisely articulate your case and tenaciously assist you? ahladvocaten is a unified, versatile, and experienced team that will fight for your right fairly and with flair.

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Do you have a legal issue?

We provide excellent legal aid!
No one asks for legal issues but sometimes they are unavoidable. When you happen to be faced with a legal conflict, naturally you would want your interests to be looked after by a competent lawyer.

Do you want your case to be dealt with seriously, quickly, and expertly? Ahladvocaten‘s experienced lawyers provide excellent legal aid. With our unique approach we provide customised legal services in order to achieve the best possible outcome for every client.

A team of dedicated lawyers

Our law firm consists of experienced lawyers who each have their own specialty. We are members of various specialised law associations, so the quality of our lawyers is guaranteed. Our goal is to legally assist and support our clients in a contemporary fashion.

We are well-aware and mindful of the fact that legal aid encompasses more than just legal support. For us the client always comes first and we take our time to listen to our clients.

We are specialists

We know what we are good at, but we also realise that we cannot help you with anything and everything. The law develops every day. Therefore, ahladvocaten has chosen to specialise in a number of legal fields so that we are able to offer our clients high-quality legal aid.

Our specialties are:

We also work pro deo

ahladvocaten believes that everyone, regardless of background or income, should be abe to make use of excellent legal support. Our lawyers therefore also work on the basis of subsidised legal aid. If you do not qualify for subsidised legal aid we work at highly competitive rates.

When you reach out to our firm you will always get to speak to a lawyer who will take you through what they consider to be the best course of action. A further discussion in our office is usually the next step to discuss the case substantively. It is possible that a fee is charged for this discussion.