Pascal Lodder

Pascal Lodder studied Dutch law at Utrecht University and has been working as a lawyer since 1993. He has specialised in criminal law.

Being penalised is easy, but receiving great legal assistance is not. Pascal Lodder’s power lies in his ability to quickly and expertly assess the (criminal) case, take charge, offer clear advice, and give the client insight into the defense strategy that best serves the case while keeping in mind the client’s wishes. His motto is to be dauntless. Expertise is a requirement, but it also goes without saying. Therefore, Pascal Lodder is a member of the Dutch Association of Criminal Lawyers (NVSA).


Mr. P.G.M. Lodder
Fields of law:
Criminal law, immigration law, family law

Lawyer since 1993


  • Utrecht University
  • Specialist training in Criminal Law from the Foundation for Criminal Law Practice in

collaboration with the Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law Sciences in Utrecht


Criminal law

Member of

  • Association of Criminal Lawyers in the Netherlands (NVSA)
  • Working group legal aid for aliens

T: 030-2302060 (general)
F: 030-2300576