Social security law

Trouble with your benefit?

What can ahladvocaten do for you?

  • In the event of a dismissal case: ensuring your unemployment benefit (WW) is never compromised;
  • In the event of disability benefit: ensuring your sickness (ZW) or work and income benefits (WIA) are retained, or that you are eligible for invalidity insurance for young disabled persons (WAJONG);
  • In the case of benefit from social services: standing up for your rights with regards to your work and social assistance benefit (WWB);

Unemployment benefit (WW)

You are likely to be fired. What do you have to do to be eligible for unemployment benefit? Do not worry: If you let ahladvocaten handle your dismissal case we will never jeopardise your entitlement to unemployment benefit. If you have been dismissed effective immediately we will try to redirect your case in such a way that you will at least be entitled to unemployment benefit. In most cases employers are willing to cooperate under the threat of legal proceedings.

Sickness benefit (ZW), WAO/WIA and Wajong

Ahladvocaten’s lawyers have many years of expertise in cases regarding occupational disability. We often find that clients experience a sense of powerlessness when their invalidity insurance benefit (WAO) is threatened to be withdrawn. Challenging the Employee Insurance Agency’s (UWV) decision is particularly draining when you are struggling with an illness or some other type of disability. Do not do it yourself! Make use of ahladvocaten’s professional services, which are often made available on the basis of subsidised legal aid (pro deo). They know UWV’s methods and are able to navigate through their jargon. Do not be discouraged by terms such as FML, restrictions, and CBBS, but let ahladvocaten fight for you (with the help of a medical second opinion if necessary).

Work and social assistance benefit (WWB)

Are social services driving you up the wall with all their regulations? Are you the victim of an investigation by the social investigation department? Make an appointment with ahladvocaten because this cannot be resolved on your own. We will help you with the proof and show that you did

What now?

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