Family law

Temporary announcement: The 1st meeting during “corona”.

How can you get an impression of your lawyer during the 1st meeting during this time of corona (and vice versa)? Simply: via video calling. We use ZOOM for this.

If you would like an introductory meeting with one of us, please use the form below or call the office (030-2302060) and make an appointment with the secretary for a ZOOM appointment. Give your (full) name and your email address to the secretary and also with which lawyer you want to make video calls. You will then receive a link in good time before the video call appointment with which you can access ZOOM. The lawyer in question can then invite you to that appointment and the discussion takes place, albeit at a distance, but nevertheless with a mutual image.

Our existing relations can of course also use this option.

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When a marriage or relationship ends, what follows is often a difficult, emotional, and disruptive process for many people. A divorce is a major change for all involved and there is a lot that needs to be arranged and taken care of.

Ahladvocaten’s lawyers are the right people to guide you through this process. They can help you draw up a divorce settlement agreement, an application for divorce, an access arrangement, and a child and/or partner maintenance agreement. Of course they can also assist you with whatever else is needed to let the divorce process run as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

Ahladvocaten’s lawyers are highly-skilled and well-rounded professionals. We know that cases are often complex and we are here to assist you with our expert knowledge. Our lawyers will make you feel secure and – perhaps more importantly – help you have faith in a successful outcome.

Every family law case is preceded by a long period of worry and doubt. If you wish we will take time to listen to some of your history and allow space for your emotions during the first meeting at our law firm. This meeting takes about an hour and a half on average. During that same meeting we will also focus on the legal and financial consequences of the divorce process. We take on cases in all areas of family law. For example:

  • Divorce
  • Parenting plan
  • Divorce settlement agreement
  • Access arrangement
  • Acknowledgement / denial of paternity
  • Child and/or partner maintenance agreement
  • Property settlement agreement
  • Child protection measures: out-of-home placement & supervision order
  • Custody
  • Legal separation
  • Name change
  • Termination of registered partnership

Any legal proceedings that need to be conducted in court will be started in consultation with you. The strategy we apply will always be chosen in close consultation with you every step of the way, taking both quality and thoroughness into account. Your personal wishes are paramount.

Ahladvocaten offers a free-of charge introductory meeting for which you can make an appointment. This meeting will take an hour and a half at most, per client or per legal issue.