Mediation is a way to leave the argument behind and work on solutions, a mediator can help with this. With mediation you can both explain your own side of the matter. It is important that you both listen to the other and (want to) understand each other, even if you do not agree. Are you looking for a mediator in Utrecht? I’m happy to help you.

In mediation you look after your own interests as well as possible while taking into account and being mindful of the other person’s interests.

Together with ahladvocaten’s mediator you will look for the most optimal solution for both of you. it is good to know that mediation is not relationship therapy. It is a road to a solution that both parties are satisfied with, not just for now but also – for example – a year later.

Why choose mediation?


During the mediation process you both work on your own solution. You do not leave things to your lawyers or to the judge but you take your own responsibility. Choosing mediation is not only the most mature way to solve conflict but it is also the most sensible. Ahladvocaten’s mediator will help you see the logic from both sides and look at things again together.


Although it is tempting (and sometimes understandable) to stay angry with each other, divorce mediation focuses on finding a solution that is supported by both of you. This is the main objective and experience shows that these solutions prove to be the most sustainable. With help from a mediator, mediation forms a solid basis for a bright new future for both of you.


Especially when children are involved it is of great importance that – as parents – you put aside your differences and ensure that your children will still be parented and supported by both of you after the divorce. Mediation greatly contributes to establishing a great and independent future for both parents, which not only benefits them but also those around them.

Mediation? This is what it looks like.

Getting to know each other

During our first meeting we will work on getting to know each other. Ahladvocaten’s mediator will explore everyone’s wishes and possibilities. It is important to listen to each other just as well as you are trying to look after your own interests. Ahladvocaten’s mediator will ensure that there is a good balance between these things. He is always out to make the process run smoothly and quickly. After all, it is not therapy.

Closer together

In a number of mediation sessions all topics that are important to you will be touched upon. A report of each session is then drawn up. When agreement has been reached on all points, those agreements (parenting plan and divorce settlement agreement) will be put in writing. The final step is now close.

Reaching agreement

In the final phase of mediation you have each made your wishes clear and have accepted the best possible result we were able to attain. The agreements have been put in writing and after you have signed them ahladvocaten’s mediator will take care of the written procedure with the Court. The divorce mediation has now come to an end and you can each start your own future.


We offer the option for you to come back within – for example – 6 months for a short session that is free of charge to see if all agreements that were reached actually work well in practice. If there is a desire for adjustments to be made then we can work on that together.
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