Criminal law

Are you facing a problem with the police and the Justice Department? You can do a lot yourself, but professional assistance from an enthusiastic criminal lawyer is no unnecessary luxury in this case. Ahladvocaten specialises in criminal law.

  • Do you have to come in for police interrogation and would you like to be assisted? You can receive assistance from our criminal lawyer in preparation for as well as during the interrogation.
  • Are you suspected of a criminal offense? Have you been detained? Have you received a subpoena and do you wish to be assisted in your criminal case? Contact our criminal lawyers to discuss your case and hear how we can successfully assist you in your criminal case.
  • Have you been convicted by the judge, but do you disagree with the decision or the sentence? You want to appeal. Our criminal lawyers will go over all the details with you and see what would form the basis of a successful case.

Contact our criminal lawyer mr. P.G.M. Lodder. Our law firm is specialised in criminal law and we will guide you through your criminal case expertly and with great commitment. You can also call on us if you wish to be assisted during police interrogation.

What can you expect?

Apart from providing expert legal assistance we also dedicate plenty of our attention to the client as a person. Each case is pleaded in its own way and we stay focused on what the case is really all about. Mr. Lodder is happy to assist you and has thorough knowledge of (the developments in) criminal law. He knows your file, is available, and is committed to you and your case.

Police interrogation

It may seem unnecessary to be assisted by a lawyer during police interrogation but without the assistance of a criminal lawyer the interrogation could have an undesirable outcome. “That’s not what I meant” and “I haven’t said that” are common remarks. Proper preparation by a lawyer minimises the risk of your statement winding up on paper phrased in ways that do not match what you were trying to explain closely enough. The lawyer will also discuss with you whether it is advisable to even make a statement.


If you have been assisted before and during the interrogation mr. Lodder will request your file, go over the case with you, and prepare for it. It is also possible that you have been interrogated without a lawyer’s assistance. In that case you will be summoned for a hearing before the judge or the Public Prosecution Service (OM). Do not hesitate to contact us. Mr. Lodder will request your file together you will determine how to approach the case. Mr. Lodder will lead the criminal case, but will always have your best interests and wishes at heart.


When assisting in an appeal mr. Lodder will look into how the legal proceedings at the magistrate or criminal judge went. Naturally, he will decide on the best course of action and approach to take in consultation with you.

Juvenile criminal law and juvenile justice

Mr. Lodder also assists minors. It is important for a lawyer who assists minors to be specialised in juvenile criminal law because it work on the basis of different principles. Juvenile criminal law is not only focused on “punishing” and the punishment that comes with that, but also on whether the solution to the case ensures the minor will actually learn something from his or her mistake. The parents are involved in the process.

Apart from this, mr. Lodder always looks at the legal aspects of the case and the wishes of the minor and his or her parents. Of course, if an acquittal can be argued mr. Lodder will do so.

It is possible that the juvenile justice system comes into play in a juvenile criminal case. It may advise that a minor is placed under the supervision of Child Protective Services (Kinderbescherming) or is even placed in out-of-home care. Mr. Lodder has the knowledge and experience to provide assistance in the field of juvenile justice.


If you have been falsely detained the criminal judge will file a request for compensation on your behalf. Compensation is usually awarded according to fixed sums per day. There, however, cases in which tailored compensation is appropriate. In consultation with you the criminal lawyer will also explore this option.

We provide assistance in cases involving, among other things:

  • Life crime
  • Violent crime
  • Sex offenses
  • Property crime (such as theft, burglary)
  • Driving under the influence and reckless driving
  • Requests for compensation

Immigration and criminal law

You live and work here in the Netherlands and have a residence permit. You depend on a partner or spouse or you are a child of (a) parent(s) who have come to the Netherlands. You have a residence permit on grounds of being a refugee, or you are an EU national or the partner of an EU national. You come into contact with the police and the Justice Department. As an alien this can have (serious) consequences for your residency here in the Netherlands. What to do? Mr. Lodder can advise you and provide assistance.

The costs of legal assistance / no money for a lawyer

Ahladvocaten assists people on the basis of regular payment as well as on the basis of subsidised legal aid (pro deo). The latter means that based on your income you will have to pay only a (small) part of the lawyer’s fee; the so-called own contribution. In other words, it is incorrect to think that it is completely free of charge, but with a small income it is only fair that no more than only a small fee is charged. In some cases the costs of legal assistance can also be recovered from the state through a request for compensation.

Mr. Lodder has broad and extensive experience in the field of criminal law and is a member of the Dutch Association of Criminal Lawyers (NVSA).