Reference Expat Center East-Netherlands

Since 2017, we have been working with ahladvocaten to our full satisfaction. They are one of our service partners who, together with us, provide specialist advice to expats and companies. The Expat Center East-Netherlands itself also provides the aid to obtain residence permits and provides information about legal employment in the Netherlands. However, sometimes a case is so complicated (or, unfortunately, a lawsuit is inevitable) that a customer still has to engage a lawyer. In that case, we immediately contact mr. Flip Jansen or mr. Anjo Hekman for advice and, if necessary, legal assistance for our customers. This works very well, because these matters are handled immediately and professionally and we and the customer are unburdened. It gives the Expat Center East-Netherlands and our clients a reassuring feeling that we work with these lawyers who are specialized in migration law.


Michelle Ekkelkamp

Operations Manager Expat Center East Netherlands