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Fields of law

Immigration law

Highly skilled migrant Have you chosen a foreign candidate to fill your vacancy? One of the best ways to legally have a foreign employee reside […]

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Employment law

Likely to be dismissed? Hire an employment law specialist on time! Why hire a lawyer specialised in dismissal cases? ​ Legal and tactical support in the […]

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Social security law

Trouble with your benefit? What can AHL Advocaten do for you? In the event of a dismissal case: ensuring your unemployment benefit (WW) is never […]

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Criminal law

Are you facing a problem with the police and the Justice Department? You can do a lot yourself, but professional assistance from an enthusiastic criminal […]

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Family law

When a marriage or relationship ends, what follows is often a difficult, emotional, and disruptive process for many people. A divorce is a major change […]

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Mediation helps you find a way to put your differences aside and work towards a solution. During this process both parties involved will be given […]

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