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Employment law

Likely to be dismissed? Hire an employment law specialist on time!

Why hire a lawyer specialised in dismissal cases? 

  • Legal and tactical support in the case of bad news from your employer
  • Expert advice during the dismissal case
  • Predominance during legal proceedings
  • Financial advice after the dismissal case

Legal and tactical support in the case of bad news from your employer 

You have run into problems at work. Your employer has given you bad news, or you have received a critical letter from them. You know that you must respond but you do not know how to. After a brief intake with our dismissal law specialist he will guide you through this process and keep you from making common mistakes. If you wish, our experienced lawyer specialised in employment law will carefully read any written correspondence with your employer and advise you on how to respond, or, in more threatening cases, write to your employer directly. The time our employment law specialist has to dedicate to your case can often be kept to a minimum so that seeking his assistance will not cost you hundreds of euros. You will royally earn back your investment later on.

Expert advice during the dismissal case 

Your employer will make you a proposal to terminate your employment contract or announce a dismissal procedure. Naturally, our dismissal law specialist knows whether there are sufficient grounds for dismissal and/ or the offer is reasonable. Is that enough? No, of course not. The added value of an experienced employment lawyer is, first and foremost, that he or she can immediately relieve any pressure you may feel as a result of your dismissal by – depending on your wishes – challenging your employer based on a strategy chosen in consultation with you. Many clients tell us they feel their trade union lawyer or legal assistance insurance are passive. This is simply unacceptable. Our dismissal law specialist responds proactively and fights either for your return or to obtain the highest possible severance payment and thus helps to lift some of the weight off your shoulders. An (imminent) dismissal is stressful enough as it is. In any case, with the support you have gained from our employment lawyer your employment has gained another problem: He or she now faces a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience and who is a member of the Dutch Association of Employment Lawyers (VAAN). You will find that your employer will soon adopt a different attitude, after which our dismissal law specialist will take space to achieve your goals.

Predominance during legal proceedings  

Things are getting serious now. Imagine how you would feel if you were right in the middle of litigation and you had doubts about the professionalism and/or authority of your lawyer? Our employment law specialist will expertly guide you through the difficulties and past the pitfalls of the proceedings. With our dismissal law specialist you are assured of the highest level of expertise, experience, and commitment.

Financial advice after the dismissal case 

There is a lot to a dismissal. You are guaranteed to have questions about the spending of your gross allowance, your unemployment benefit, any outplacement, etc. Many lawyers neglect to advise you on these matters. Our employment law specialist has all the answers ready and will pro-actively help you on your way.


The costs of a dismissal law specialist can often be fully recovered from your employer. The rate of our dismissal law specialist is also lower than the average rates of his colleagues. He is also willing to assist you on the basis of subsidised legal aid (pro deo).


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