Ahladvocaten has entered into a partnership with Expat Center Food Valley.

Welcome Center Food Valley (WCFV) provides easy access to the Food Valley for highly-skilled migrants. Whether you are relocating an expat for the first time or are already used to hiring foreign employees, we ensure a smooth and fast immigration. Your new employee can start working at your company quickly after arrival in the Netherlands, and we save you time and money. Arrive in the Netherlands today, start working next week; we make it possible.

Expat Center Twente





Since the first of October 2017 ahladvocaten has been a partner of Expat Center Twente! Expat Center Twente helps expats on their way in the region and relieves companies that work with expats. These higher-educated foreign knowledge workers and the HR managers of interested companies can turn to Expat Center Twente with questions about regulations, housing, and education. As a partner ahladvocaten provides legal services to these expats and companies. For more information about Expat Center Twente and our partnership you can visit their website:

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The Intern

ational Welcome Centre Utrecht Region




The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region provides a warm welcome to internationals who live, work or study in Utrecht Region. They offer a number of free services designed to advise and assist internationals during their arrival and stay in Utrecht Region. Voor meer informatie over het Expat Center Twente en onze samenwerking kunt u kijken op hun website:

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