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Jan Willem Aartsen

Jan Willem Aartsen studied Dutch law at Utrecht University. He has been a lawyer since 1991 and co-founded the firm in 1999. Since 2006 he has specialised in employment law.

Jan Willem Aartsen is a powerful go-getter who will guide you through the difficulties of employment law and past its pitfalls. He is approachable, down-to-earth, and clear. It goes without saying that a lawyer should have expertise, but Jan Willem Aartsen believes in offering more: diligence, dauntlessness, and asking thorough questions about what is going on so that the client feels understood.

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Mr. Jan Willem Aartsen
Fields of law:
Employment law, family law, immigration law

Lawyer since 1991


  • Utrecht University
  • Grotius Academy “employment law”


Employment law

Member of

  • Dutch Association of Employment Lawyers (VAAN)
  • Working group legal aid for aliens

T: 030-2302060 (general)
F: 030-2300576