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Prolongation of short-stay visa/ free term due to Coronavirus

When you are staying in the Netherlands with a short-stay visa which has expired or will expire soon, and you cannot leave The Netherlands due to the Coronavirus, you can apply for an extension of your short-stay visa. The following situation must apply to you:

  • Your visa expires within 1 month; and
  • The airline has cancelled your flight and you cannot book another flight; and
  • You still meet the conditions for a short-stay visa (like: sufficient financial means, valid passport and travel insurance).

You can prolong your short-stay visa via telephone and for free at the IND. This visa extension is only valid within the Netherlands. You cannot travel to other Schengen countries.

When you are staying in the Netherlands without a visa (because you do not need a visa), but your permit-exempt term of 90 out of 180 days is over or will expire soon, you cannot apply for an extension of a permit-exempt term. You do not need to report this to the IND. The Dutch government understands that it may be more difficult to return during this period. The government will therefore be less strict in controlling people who stay longer than is allowed. But the government does expect you to try to return when your right of residence expires.

Would you like to have more information about prolonging your stay, please contact Mr. Flip Jansen or Mr. Anjo Hekman.