You already have insight into the costs in advance

Of course you would prefer to be informed as specifically as possible about the costs in advance. This is especially possible when you use the modular rate system.

Fred Menkveld prefers to work with a modular rate system; you pay for what you need, and what you need is up to you.

That is how it works.


Introductory meeting                                                € 75.00
Mediation meeting including report            € 500.00
Calculate child support                                          € 250.00
Calculate partner maintenance                      € 400.00
Drawing up a parenting plan                             € 500.00
Drafting covenant                                                     € 750.00
Procedure at the Court                                          € 250.00


The amounts are exclusive of 21% VAT.

In addition to these costs, you also pay the court fee (contribution to the costs of the Court) of € 304.00 and the costs of the required extracts.

Compare this with the costs that you each pay to your own lawyer, and you understand that mediation not only leads to the best solution for both, but that it also takes place at a very reasonable rate.

Are you curious about the costs of your mediation? Then fill in this form.


If you prefer this, the mediation can also take place on the basis of the hourly rate (€ 250.00 per hour excl. 21% VAT).

If you both qualify for funded legal aid (see the website of the Legal Aid Board), then only the personal contribution plus disbursements applies to both. If one of you is eligible for funded legal aid, the personal contribution applies to the person and the hourly rate on the basis of 50% applies to the other, in addition to the disbursements.