Letter of IND and Brexit

When you are A British national (or a relative) living in the Netherlands, the IND will send you a letter regarding Brexit in the upcoming months. After a No-Deal Brexit, there will be a transition period in the Netherlands from 29 March 2019 until 1 July 2020. During the transition period, you will keep your rights to residence, employment and study in the Netherlands. This also applies when you are a relative of a British citizen and you do not have EU citizenship yourself.  After this transition period, you will need a new national residence permit to prove your right of residence. The upcoming letter of the IND will inform you about this.  Would YOU like to have more information about this letter of the IND or would like to become a Dutch citizen in order to benefit still from the rights as an EU-national within Europe, please contact Mr. Flip Jansen or Mr. Anjo Hekman.