Permanent residence permit

If you have had a Dutch residence permit for longer than 5 consecutive years, then you may be eligible for a permanent residence permit. There are two kinds of permanent residence permits: long-term EU resident and the permanent residence permit on national grounds. The most important difference between them is that as a long-term EU resident it is easier to apply for a residence permit in one of the other EU Member States. The advantage of a permanent residence permit is that it is difficult for the IND to revoke this permit, thus it offers you more certainty about your future in the Netherlands.

Ahladvocaten’s immigration specialists have a lot of knowledge about this and we can help you with the application for a permanent residence permit. Not every residence permit lends itself to obtaining this permanent residence permit. Furthermore, in order to be eligible to obtain this permanent residence permit you need to have passed the civic integration examination (or you need to have been exempt from it), and you must have sufficient income on a long-term and independent basis.

If you would like more information about this permanent residence permit and the advantages it offers you, then feel free to contact one of our immigration attorneys.