Family reunification

Do you want to apply for a residence permit for your partner or children from abroad, so you can spend your future in the Netherlands together? Ahladvocaten’s attorneys are immigration specialists and we can assist you in this matter!

In order to qualify for a residence permit based on family reunification you either have to be married, have a registered partnership, or be in a sustainable and exclusive relationship. In addition, the inviting person in The Netherlands must have sufficient income on a long-term and independent basis.  Moreover, in many cases the foreign partner must have passed the civic integration examination prior to his or her arrival in the Netherlands. The IND examines these applications very strictly. For example, they investigate if there is a genuine marriage or relationship, and whether the income requirement is met.

European law also applies, which families can derive rights from. Examples are the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Family Reunification Directive. The immigration attorneys of Ahladvocaten can advise on alternatives if you or your partner do not meet the national residence conditions, such as the Belgium- and Europe route.

Should your partner be forced to leave the Netherlands, causing you and your partner to be separated from one another and your children to be separated from their parent, then as immigration attorneys we can start legal proceedings against this far-reaching decision at the IND, court, and even the European Court of Human Rights, especially when an entry ban has been instated.

It is important to contact us early if you have any questions or concerns about your partner’s residence status. We are experienced immigration specialists who are always informed about the latest jurisprudence, so that we can advise you on and guide you in the reunification with your partner. Feel free to contact us for a free of charge consultation.