Dutch citizenship

Have you been residing in the Netherlands for a long time and would you like to apply for Dutch citizenship? Ahladvocaten’s immigration attorneys can advise you on obtaining Dutch citizenship and can draw up an application on your behalf. We can also assist you when your Dutch citizenship is being revoked.

There are two ways to obtain Dutch citizenship: by option or naturalisation. In the case of the latter, the general rule is that you need to have lawfully resided in the Netherlands for at least 5 consecutive years, and in many cases you also need to renounce your other citizenship. Additionally, you need to have passed the civic integration examination and you should not form a threat to public order and safety.

You can, for example, make use of the option procedure if you are an adult who was born in the Netherlands and has lived here with a valid residence permit since birth. Note that there are other ways apart from this one that will also allow you to make use of the option procedure.

Therefore it is advisable to make an appointment with one of our immigration specialists to discuss the possibilities for Dutch citizenship. Dutch citizenship is valuable and gives you many advantages, such as automatically becoming an EU national.

If you have any questions about Dutch citizenship or wish to apply for it, please contact us.