Corona virus

Because of the recent developments concerning the corona virus, the following steps are taken to protect our clients, relations and staff. Our focus is to keep our service up to standard, and to maintain serving the interests of our clients.

Generally, we follow the information posted on the RIVM website ( Also we follow of course the information and necessary measures suggested by the government ( Ahladvocaten has the technological possibilities for lawyers to work outside the office. This will be the case most of the time. You can reach the lawyers by phone (mobile and office), fax and e-mail, as usual.

In principle, all appointments will be rearranged to telephone appointments. When it is necessary to meet in person, we will case by case consider this. Regarding appointments at Courts, other institutions or organizations, we will discuss with our clients how to proceed. We of course are bound by the measurements taken by those organizations.

At this moment there is no sign of any negative consequences for the pending procedures.

For questions regarding the consequences of the corona virus for your case, you can of course contact your lawyer or our secretariat.