Fred Menkveld

Fred Menkveld studied Dutch law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He began working as a lawyer in 1981. Fred Menkveld specialises in the law of persons and family law and is a mediator registered with the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators.

After having a broad orientation in the legal profession (including administrative law, civil law, criminal law, social insurance law and immigration law), Fred Menkveld has rather focused on personal and family law. He has been a vFAS mediator since the late 90s.

Divorce or breaking a relationship is a situation in which people are often led by intense emotions. That can degenerate into what is called a fight divorce. In practice, the outcome is negative for everyone, including (sometimes even in particular) for the children. That is why – despite the tensions and negative feelings for each other – it is important to try to see that the way of consultation leads to a better outcome. Fred Menkveld can assist you as a mediator. His credo: “Beyond the fight.”


Lawyer since 1981


VU Amsterdam

Specialist training of the vFAS, Association Family Law Lawyer Divorce Mediator

Member of vFAS

T: 030-2302060 (general)

F: 030-2300576